Elystan beef

Vinous Table: Elystan Street, London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

Overall, I can understand exactly why Elystan Street has become a popular haunt for Chelsea residents.


Cellar Favorite: 1964 Krug Private Cuvée & 1979 Collection

cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

My experience with mature vintage Champagne is not as extensive as others’, although I have enjoyed more than my fair share.

Chablis serein

Close to the Edge: Chablis 2018 & 2019

featured, France: Burgundy

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

The 2018 and 2019 Chablis growing seasons are cut from a similar cloth, but on close examination there are crucial differences that sway their respective styles. This report compares the two and asks to what extent climate change might erode Chablis’ uniqueness.

Nr soho choux

Vinous Table: Noble Rot Soho, London, UK

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

When restaurants are valiantly forming a rearguard action against COVID, the opening of Noble Rot Soho at this moment represents a rare event as neighbors remain mothballed for fear what winter will bring.

Casita tarta copycover

Vinous Table: La Casita, Guildford, UK

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

I have not returned to Spain for a long time, though my penchant for its cuisine has never abated. Therefore, every now and again I book a table at my local tapas restaurant, La Casita – in my estimation, one of the finest in Guildford.

Klein constantia vineyard

Constance Craving: Vin de Constance 1992-2017

featured, South Africa

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

In Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility, one of literature’s finest works detailing the ups and downs of courtship and matters of the heart, Mrs. Jennings suggests to Elinor Dashwood that she drink a slug of finest old Constantia to recover from a fever brought on by her romantic interest, John Willoughby. Jennings counsels that the sweet wine not only cures “colicky gout,” but possesses “healing powers on a disappointed heart.” Like those characters in Austen’s novel, I do appreciate one of the iconic sweet wines of the world – one that, as I shall describe, is undergoing a quiet revolution.

Blandy's wicker

Cellar Favorite: Blandy’s New Releases

cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

I don’t need to tell you that I review the contents of a bottle, not its aesthetic virtues. However, hats off to the Madeira Wine Company, whose quartet of new releases in conveniently sized 5cl bottles came nestled in a wicker box lined with linen in traditional Madeira colors of green and red.

Flaminglips (1)

Beyond Wine: Album Review of The Flaming Lips - American Head

Beyond Wine

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

Hats off to Wayne Coyne and his very able band. How many artists in the fourth decade of their career remain as enticingly outré and original, but as popular as ever, and produce some of their best music.

Pot detain front

Vinous Table: Le Pot d’Etain, L’Isle-sur-Serein, France

Vinous Table, France: Burgundy

Neal Martin, Sep 2020

If pure enjoyment is the measure of a restaurant, then Le Pot d’Etain scored highly – certainly far higher than circumspect naysayers had led me to believe.

Onslow exteriorcovercopy

Vinous Table: Onslow Arms, West Clandon, UK

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Aug 2020

Having pulled its first ale over 200 years ago and survived numerous wars and depressions, not to mention the odd pandemic, I am optimistic that the Onslow Arms will weather this latest challenge.