2009 Domaine Vincent Dauvissat Chablis


We often focus on the rarest of the rare in our Cellar Favorites column. While it is undoubtedly fun to taste and drink highly coveted bottles, there is also a lot to be said for cellar worthy wines that consumers can find without spending a fortune.

At ten years of age, Vincent Dauvissat’s 2009 Chablis is impeccable. If anything, the 2009 needs more time, as it is clearly past the primary stage, but not yet fully mature. Ordinarily, I might say how surprised I am by how well Dauvissat’s village-level Chablis has aged, but after he opened a 1996 Petit Chablis blind for me a few years ago, the truth is I am not. To be sure, the 2009 shows the radiant fruit, texture and shape of a warm year, but it also has plenty of nuance within all of that richness, with more than enough minerality and structure to develop well for a number of years to come. Although no Dauvissat can be called ‘inexpensive’, the village Chablis often punches above its weight, as it clearly does in 2009. 90/Drink: 2021-2029.